More To Know

What makes me an Artist?

Hi i'm Omar , I'm a third year Applied Sciences & Arts Student
currently studying in the German University in Cario. Before
getting into University i've always had the passion of
expressing my thoughts through art, and i did so with the
help of my to beautiful parents,my father an Art Director &
Mother An Interior Designer .I started getting into Graphic
Design industry through a job opportunity given by my dad in
2017 for AL-Nahdy Pharmacy in Saudia Arabia where i
designed their notebooks , pens , laptop sleeves , etc .... Other
than that , the biggest accomplishment for me in 2018 is that i
ha the chance to work for the The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudia
Arabia with my dad to design and publish their catering
menu .Lastly in 2021 i was asked to be the photographer of
Masala Restuarnt in Saudia Arabia dishes . As well as,
managing their social media account on instagram.



Food Photography , Product
photography , Street photography

Poster Design

Events, Social Media ,
Restrants & Cafe's


Filming , Editing , Directing